August 1, 2016

As I had promised myself that this year, 2016, I would travel more I definitely have. Most of the trips I have taken, actually practically all where very unplanned and somewhat impromptu. The first trip I took was back in February with my dear friend Mickylene. It was a trip she won and she took me with her! It was honestly a dream come true to finally go to New York City. Being in the big apple made it feel as if anything was possible. Despite it being the coldest temperature I had ever personally experienced it was so nice to be walking down Central Park, I felt like all I needed in that moment was my babe, a pretty classic red dress and a nice fall afternoon. It was so romantic in central park, one of my favorite parts of New York City. Brooklyn was an absolute favorite too, I wish I could have explored it a bit more but we didn't have enough time. Surprisingly I found getting around in the subway quite easy to understand, so we ended up taking that a few times. After we left New York we came back to sunny California, home. Babe ended up going to Mexico City for work  in March (he's still there...tear) and of course I had to visit! I went to Mexico City for the first time ever and I was in such awe! The architecture there is mind-blowing! I really did not feel like I was in Mexico, I guess I'm used to the 'stereotypical Mexico' the one where theres taco stands on every corner and the lady who sells the mango too! We headed to a few towns around Mexico like Coyoacan and Teotihuacan. I LOVED Coyoacan so much we went twice. I always fall in love with the small towns in Mexico they're my favorite, so authentic. For our one year anniversary my baby surprised me with a hot air ballon ride in Teotihuacan where we rode over the Mayan ruins, it was seriously so beautiful and the best surprise ever. Not to Mention that on the last day there we ended up going to a concert on an amazing pianist, Raul DiBlasio, who I have listened to since I was young. It was the best night ever, I was so happy. Now Fast forward to last month. I ended up going back to Mexico to visit my babe and be with him during his birthday and surprise!... HE won a trip for two to Yucatan, Mexico!! I was in denial, I didn't believe him, sure enough there we were boarding our airplane to go to Merida, Yucatan! That vacation was seriously so much fun. What I loved about it most was that the places where they took us weren't touristy places, they were very authentic places where I got to feel and see how the people there live. We went to cenotes, caves, mayan ruins, beaches, hot springs and estates. It was so amazing and I can't believe it was all free! whaaaat. except the food of course. Just when I had gotten back from Mexico I thought I would just relax for a bit but no my parents wanted to go on an impromptu trip to San Francisco, and what did I say? HECK YES. So off we went on a mini road trip. It was so much fun. I love traveling and going to new places I've never been before. It opens up this feeling inside that makes me feel so many emotions at once. I want to keep going and traveling and I will, its a must, probably one of the things I want most in this lifetime. So I'll stop blabbering now and show you the photos I have taken ;) I will also Show you the Vlogs from my trips. Enjoy ;)

Excuse my hella long blog post! ;)