January 13, 2013


So I have decided to delete all my old posts to start my new blog. I'll now be about my life, my family, my nephew, my interests, my photography, vintage stuff that I find, etc. I thought that would be more of an interest for me to write about. So this new year I have decided to be a different person, I definitely don't want to be the person that I was last year. I have made so many mistakes that I wish I could take back but I cannot. I can only live with them and learn from them. This year I am going to distance myself from ........(just as I was typing that last part I got interrupted by my dad saying that someone threw a big rock at my car windshield!!) and this is exactly what I was going to say I need to do is to distance myself from people that talk to much gossip about others, I do not need that in my life. I want to be positive and be good and do good and be happy and live my life. I can't wait to start this blog going and actually update it constantly, not like the other one that I only posted like 3 posts. Here I'm going to post some pictures that I took :) for the mean time check out my favorite blogger here I can seriously look at her blog all day long she is so full of life and so happy! I love it :)
Also I wanted to share my moms bed! Isn't it cute!

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