January 20, 2013

New lil things

 yes! more vintage! a couple of things that i got ! necklaces are my favorite as are earrings! i love these two

new necklaces! and i love the pattern on the sequin top that i got! it's soo pretty!! haha i might be a wee bit

addicted!! so this was a good relaxing weekend! went to try and get my camera fixed and it was 210 just to

fix the flash!!! might as well  get a new camera which is probably what im gonna do 8( and just when i

started to use my camera again my flash decides to stop working, makes me so sad but i have had it for

almost three years now so i guess it's time for an upgrade! i saw the Nikon D90 that i really liked !! so i

might get that! ah i love taking pictures.


  1. On board flash? It'd be cheaper to pick up an external than to repair or upgrade. Jussayin'

    1. Yeah that's what actually someone told me! But I actually had wanted to get a canon before my camera messed up! And it would be cool to have one that records too! Thank you though!!8))