January 31, 2013

while im here

      Some 'secrets' about me.

  • I love romanticness and chesiness
  • peanut butter crunch is my favorite
  • i crack my toes and ankles 1,000 times a day
  • i used to be a liar and a cheater and i learned my lesson the hard way
  • even though i have said i NEVER wanted to i secretly want to get married and have a family
  • i love dogs more than cats
  • i have alot of weird thoughts about life and humans
  • i have NEVER dyed my hair
  • i am not really funny
  • i wish i lived in san francisco
  • i still don't know what i want in life
  • i get teary eyed out of the most humanitary and simple things
  • im a shopaholic ..hahha
  • i still have a teddy bear, named Gabriel, and no Gabriel my nephew was not named after him haha 
that is some of the stuff i could think of ! haha


  1. Seriously great blog, keep it up!

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