February 15, 2013


Valentines Day

February 14. 2013

this sure was a great valentines day ! 8)

 made these cupcakes for frenchie as a surprised  he loved them! at first i

didn't know how i was going to take them to his house without him

knowing, i was thinking maybe breaking into his house but of course that

wouldn't work since he has like 1,000 locks at his front door! haha so i

decided to just be blunt and asked him for his keys! which ended up

working out perfectly ;)

later that night..

we made dinner together, some tacos with meat and potato! they turned out great except that i totally forgot to get the right kind of cheese, queso fresco. we had some drinks also, even though i was drinking like a gramma! haha we listened to spanish music and some french music, since i am mexican and frenchie (his real name is david) is french. and did i mention he sounds super sexy when he speaks french and even sexier when he says my name in french ;) then somehow we ended up having a photoshoot with my new camera. 8)


happy valentines day!
from us to you! 8)

melisa, frenchie, MJ, jesse

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