May 17, 2013


 May 14th, 2013

Frenchie and I went on an unsuspected bike ride, it was nice
started out a bit weird, but then we ended up stopping by the
lake and sitting and sorta talking for a little, it was nice
then we got up were talking again and ya know a bit of kissing going
on haha and then my frenchie asked me to be his 
It was sooo weird because literally a second before he said it 
i was thinking in my head 'this would be a perfect moment'
well first cause it was so pretty out and the 
sun was setting and then we were being
all romantic haha so it was perfect for me!!!
so anyway, i said yes!!! ahaha
i was and am soo soo happy!!!
im sooo happy that i get to have him as my boyfriend, i really am!
i feel like i am ready to have a boyfriend, i feel more mature
about relationships,somewhat. but overall i am so happy that i got to meet frenchie who is the
sweetest (and im not only saying that because he's my boyfriend) most kindest, most unique
most lovable, most caring, most mature, most funniest, most cheesiest, most cutest, most
handsome, most beautiful, most smartest, most honest man that i could have ever met
that i can now call my boyfriend and that i can share my life with.
i can't wait to make memories with you my baby.
oh yes and he loves taking pictures with me and we took this 
picture right after we became boyfriend and girlfriend! 
ooooh yes the title! haha

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