May 29, 2013

starting starting starting

MAY 26TH 2013 
Such an awesome awesome and did i mention awesome day!!
frenchie hosted a BBQ at his house and it was a blast ! it started off with us (obliviously) BBQing, there was a lot of food. There was kids, a pool, lots of friends and beer! it was nice too meet some of frenchies friends 
that i hadn't met before so that was pretty awesome! my good friend laura and ayden came which was even more awesome to see them! my nephew gabe was there having a blast and being thrown into the pool! oh, and making new friends! ha! then it just got crazy at night with drinking and just hanging out! it was pretty fun and awesome in my opinion! oh and did i mention frenchie has a backyard with an awesome view which only makes it way better! i told him we should have one of those every weekend ;) ha!
thank you all of you who came!!
 how awesome is this picture^^

 cutie pies!^^

 mango face!!^^

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