June 18, 2013



So I guess I have been having a lot of random thoughts lately and I haven't really posted for a few weeks, which I promise I will shortly, but I wanted to share another random thought. Being a nanny I get to be around a lot different families and I get to see how other people are and I also see this at home since my sister has a son. Well anyways my thought was that if I were to ever want to start a family of my own I would want to be the best parent any kid could ask for. Meaning I would want to spend quality time with my child and watch them grow. Fill them with love and joy and happiness. And give them my undivided attention. One thing that made me think of this was that growing up as a kid I remember my parents giving us their all. My dad would come home from a hard day at work and would still have this crazy energy to play with us like crazy, and that now is just a beautiful memory that I have stored in my mind. We would also go on family bike rides (even though I was whiney and hated them). We would always go to the park and my parents weren't the kind that would just sit and watch us they would actually play with us but unfortunately it is the 21st century and I feel like phones have beat the kids and have the undivided attention of the parent. It's kind of sad to see. I don't like it. At all. And I feel like the children are so used to it and they shouldn't be. Anyway after all that I just want to be an active parent one day who goes exploring with her kids is out and about exploring the outdoors not locked inside the house watching tv. A great role model for this would be my favorite blogger who is just such a great mamma ;) here below I'm sharing some of my home videos from when I was a kid 8) enjoy ;) ps.. On the second video check out my sisters teeth! Haha hilarious !8)

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