August 8, 2013

Amateur love

Amateur Work!

So most of you may, or may not know, but I am an amateur photographer. One day I will be a professional with my own studio, specializing in anything and everything ! Although I do think weddings in particular would be so much fun since I love weddings in general! Lately I have been doing a few photoshoots which is always fun! I get some extra cash but my most favorite part? Is getting those images that I can say 'yeah I took that' I love that! You have no idea how excited I get when I get an awesome shot ! Then I get even more excited to edit it! Usually when I take some awesome ones ill call Frenchie and tell him how awesome it came out and he's always there excited with me, which I love! He's actually starting to get into it because of me! Now we both get excited about pictures. This coming November a high school friend of mine wants me to be his wedding photographer because him and his fiancée 'love my work' I love to hear that! Puts a huge cheesy smile on my face ! I'm so excited and a little nervous for that since I have never done a wedding before ! But I trust myself that they'll come out amazing ! So here I'm sharing some of my most recent ones. I hope you guys enjoy them as much as I do! Ps.. I need to start putting together a portfolio!!8)

Rianna Thomas

im her nanny ! 8)

what a beauty!!^^

Roxxana Evet

what a cutie she is!!

Nayeli and Chloe

she's the sweetest child!
love how this one came out! ^^

one of the sweetest pictures i have ever taken. 63 years together and still in love.

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