August 24, 2013



August 24, 2013
So these past few days I have been so interested in taking pictures of new borns! I don't know what it is or why ! Maybe because they are simply so cute and fragile and peaceful! So my goal is to steal some babies and take pictures of them! yes! jk! haha no I'm actually so excited about it that I contacted a friend who is due in a week or so so that we can start planning her new born photshoot ! And I also asked another friend if I could steal her baby and take some shots ;) hehe ! well anyways I got in my crafty mode and decided to make some props and buy some ;) here are the pictures of the steps I did ;)

1. Any type of wood piece would work. Thankfully my handy dad is a general contractor and was able to spare me this piece!  I'll be using mine as a 'floor' for a baby photoshoot.

2. I used this brush and wood tint that you can find at Home Depot for about 8 bucks and it comes in different shades.

3. I pretty much didn't even do anything to the piece of wood, I wanted for it to look as raw as possible so I left the texture as is. I just started staining away and its cool cause you don't have to be super careful because the stain is really thin.

4. VOILA! You are done! It's such an easy way to make a surface or background for a photoshoot! ;)

 Here's a picture of a few of the props I bought! They're both actually just mats that I bought at TJMAXX for $10 each! SO cute and affordable!

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