August 8, 2013

grande oso


August 5th-6th 2013

these two days were meant to be days off for the both both of us. we planned (well not really) a quick trip to Big Bear. we had barely any money, no plans as to what we were going to do but it ended up working out just perfectly. the 'plan' was to camp out but that didn't end up happening cause the campgroung was too far from the lake and we wanted to be close by since we wanted to drink a little ;) the first day we mostly just chilled then went to the lake for a little, went to the pool where we stayed out and then went to grubb. oh and did i meantion we hitch hiked ! ha! that was my first time ever and we actually got picked up three times! pretty sweet if you ask me!! i would never even try and do it on my own but since my babe was with me i was safe ;) the second day i woke up frenchie super early (at 8) making him think it was late or else he wouldn't wake up! haha we bought this cool underwater case for my camera and tried it out at the pool! and it actually works! for only 16 bucks! we went kayaking after that ! and that was soo much fun ! we went for two hours and that was more than enough!! the scenery was soo beautiful and we were in such peace it felt so good and i didn't want for it to end. we ended the beautiful day with pizza, salad, beer and a margarita for me ;) i love my baby for being the most cheerful and amazing boyfriend i could ever have.

 beautiful flowers in big bear!

 i love him! so so much!
 there was thousands of sunflowers!!

that is all folks!
hope you enjoyed ! xx

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