August 19, 2013



AUGUST 16TH 2013

This summer has definetly been one of the best ever! I have turned into a fish and I have been in the water more than ever! From going to the beach 4344513 times to going to the pool.  It definitely has been soo much fun and  I have been enjoying it as much as I can since summer (my favorite season) will be over in no time!
When me and frenchie went to Big Bear we invested (not really it was $16) in a water proof plastic case for any phone or camera device. I was a little iffy about it because all I saw when I looked at it was a flimpsy plastic bag. But let me tell you this, it is so worth the whole 16 bucks!!  I have been using it ever since I bought it and it actually works! I go into the beach with it and take pictures of us in the water and underwater, it is easier to take pictures at a pool because the water is still. And we take videos too! Pretty awesome if you ask me!! If you look at my instagram you can tell that I am obsessed with it! ha! Here are some pictures and a video of frenchie and I when we went to the beach on friday!
ps, an instagram friend of mine told me they do reggae concerts at the race tracks in Del Mar every friday of August! I think it would be pretty sweet to go!

-you can buy the DRY PACK waterproof case here.

ps. i love you so much baby.

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