August 8, 2013



As you all may know summer is almost over! 8( this makes me really sad and depressed, jk not really!! im glad i went to the beach many times, and i will still probably go. summer is by far my favorite season and im sad to see it go! im actually looking forward to fall and even winter! so i can get all cozy! me and my beautiful man went to the beach what seemed to be 94387867726365 times but i think it was only about four or five times ha! they were all amazing times and i had soooo much fun and he was going crazy jumping off cliffs and everything! haha something i would be so chicken to do! ha! this one is by far my favorite picture of us at the beach. that our dear foam cooler took ;)
 i love this picture of us so much that i framed it for him ^^

 he is sooo crazy!!

 my beautiful handsome man. i love you so.

 looks like he's holding the palm tree doesn't it!!?^^

 gabe loves him soo soo much! ^^

this was a private deck we snuck into ;)

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