August 9, 2013

viejos tiempos


thought i would share some of my old amateur work.
when i say old i mean from 2010 and on,
cause that is when i found the beauty in photography.
don't judge my skills, i was barely starting ;)
i gotta admit, there are some good 'ol shots in there! 
 this golden gate bridge shot and the flower below are some of my favorites
the bridge just looks so amazing how it beautifully disappears into the fog.
and the flower how the petals seem to be somewhat transparent with suns rays.

    my gabe the babe took this photoshoot so well. he cooperated the whole time and was such a natural.
 olympia, my best friend.
                         how adorable was gabe at this age?? i just want him to go back pleaaaassse!!

 laura, such an amazing friend that i am so glad i was able to become good friends with. this is her and joe.

 these cemetery shots taken in
El Panteon de Belen in Guadalajara Jalisco

 lovey coco.

 laura and joe's wedding August 6th 2011

 Chloe Colon
All pictures were taken with my old Nikon d3000.

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