September 30, 2013

Since last Sunday, not yesterday, the one before. Well, since then my mom, sister, and Gabe (my nephew) have been gone to Guadalajara, Mexico and  I cannot help but to be bored at home! It is sooo boring and I miss them so much and I cannot wait for them to come back already tomorrow night! Anyways since my boredom has sky rocketed like never before I was just chilling on the kitchen table with coco and yaya. Just sitting there I saw my camera, then coco, then my camera, then coco again...and I'm guessing you already know what happened. yes....a photo shoot with the most fat, loving, calm, cute, amazing, humanly chihuahua!
Like always he was soo cooperative and literally didn't move the whole time!! He's just the cutest! Well here is the result of that boring Thursday night:

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