September 18, 2013

going to chapel of love


September 14th 2013

This date is also my parents 28 year anniversary oh and mine and Frenchies 4 month anniversary (but 8 months together)
I had the chance to be the photographer, yes, photographer of a small vowel renewal party! 
It was perfect so I could get the hang of how things work and get ready for my big wedding ill be shooting in November! (i'm a little nervous)
I'm so glad the people here were so chill and down to earth. It was pretty exhausting after the four hours being there but worth it at the end. I'm so glad that my babe, as you all know him by Frenchie, was able to help me out that night! I don't know what I would have done without him! Or actually I would, since I 'fired' him cause a couple times I needed him I would find him chatting with a guests. hehe! That's Frenchie for ya! very talkative. Here's some pictures of the night ;)
he's so handsome ;))))

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