September 5, 2013


 It's throwback Thursday today! so I thought what better way then throwing it back on my blog!
It's crazy how all of these pictures here are all just memories now. 
I still remember some of these moments but most are fairly blurry.
I loved those days as a child, having no worries, a loving family and just smiling all the time being free.
These moments will always hold a special place in my heart and I thank my parents for documenting our lives
so that later we could look back at how it used to be.
ok, let's not get emotional here as my eyes are starting to water now lol.
Here are some faves that I share with you.
Don't forget to take out your camera and make some memories that you will forever cherish.

 i always dreaded these long bike rides. now i don't .^^
 my dad, always so interactive^^

 i love this picture^^

 my dad is the best dad anyone could EVER ask for ^^

 haha such twins! ^^
 My 2nd Birthday!!

 I guess i wasn't very neat! hehe

 OMG i always loved putting on lipstick! haha^^^

 sassy lil me!
 aw this is so cute my gramma chasing me, and me with a bucket on my foot!^^

Hope you enjoyed theses as much as I did.

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