October 13, 2013

I am 23 years old. For those twenty three years I have lived in the same exact place. Same exact house. As much as I dislike it, I'm trying not to use the word hate, I have always had the tendency to see simple things as such beautiful things. Tonight I was bored at home, very bored, and decided to have a mini night photo shoot. So I went to the lake where eventually I ended up at some of Elsinore's historic areas and I just shot away. Feeling like a weirdo. People kept starring at me like 'what the f is she doing?' but I didn't care. On a side note I notice as I get older I really start to not care what people think and let me tell you, it feels great! So I guess what I am trying to say is, as much as I say I hate living here, and don't get me wrong I do sometimes, I love it here, this is my home. This place is what I consider a home. This is where I grew up. This is where my dad built a home from an empty lot to a beautiful home for his family, with his bare hands. This is where I learned to ride a bike, where we share family memories, where my dad planted two willow trees that over the years became HUGE beautiful willow trees that I would swing on and be my favorite tree. Where I got my first kiss. Where I played barbies with my best friend and sister in the front steps of the house. I think you get it.. it's where my first everythings pretty much happened. And that is why I love it...

 This picture doesn't do this house justice. This is my dream house

 Historical Main St.

 The Chimes ..an old bath house that is now haunted

^this is my home^

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