November 5, 2013

bye bye b e a u t i f u l view.
I guess it just hit me. Frenchie moved out of the house which is the first place we ever hung out, fell in love, had fun nights, talk, had movie nights, had BBQ's everything you could think of. I'm going to miss the view from that house. It was seriously such a beautiful view and perfect backyard. 8( It sucks that for the last couple of months I don't feel like I enjoyed it as much as I did when he first moved there. It's alright, there will be more beautiful views to come in the future 8) I'm happy he didn't move far though just down the street like a mile and half away to some apartment complexes. Saturday was the big move and luckily he has really nice (and strong) friends that helped him out...

^^^ the view I will miss so much ^^^

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