February 27, 2014

Today has been a good day so far. I guess I'm just excited and happy for next week! So recently my babe has been spoiling me quite a bit even though I don't think I deserved it so much.. Yesterday he came over and while I was in the shower he put together an 'I love u'  chocolate sing on my bed along with a beautiful orchid (my favorite) and other random shenanigans .. He's so sweet and thought full! Oh aaaannnnd! He bought me this bag that I have been eyeing for a long time that is just so beautiful.. It's one the Coach classics in the British tan color. It should be getting here today so I cannot wait! On a side note I want to say that I am actually going to do a YouTube review on it, because I'm such a nerd and I looooove watching bag reviews, I'm also gonna do reviews on all my other bags which are two Michael Kors and a Kate Spade!  Yay! Haha I'm excited about doing those!8)  I want to say thank you to my boyfriend 'frenchie' for being so nice and kind and getting me that bag. I love you, and thank you for understanding my addiction to purses ;) another thing I am oh so very excited about is that next week, Thursday to be exact, we are leaving to San Francisco for a few days!! I cannot tell you how excited I am about that! San Francisco is one of my favorite cities and I fell In love with it back in 2010 which was the first time I had gone. I love that it's a big city with beautiful nature and beautiful sights surrounding it! Ahh .. And this time we'll be staying in the city so we can explore it more ... And Napa sounds nice too! Ohhh Napa you are quite the beauty! And what am I also excited about ?? That  I'll be going with my baby. 8)) my lover. Mi amor. We both need some time to get away a little and I think this is perfect! I'm so excited!8)) I'm too excited! Haha! Cannot wait! Of course I'll be posting videos pictures from our trip! (Be expecting a lot!) so how is your throwback Thursday going ? Hehe ! Maybe I'll post a few old pics right now! Haha
Actually I'll be editing this when I get home and add some pics ;)

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