February 23, 2014

UMMM what is going on here?
i told myself i was going to keep blogging and lately i havent! omg why not ! i guess i just kinda got caught up with life, just a wee bit. i have been taking alot of photoshoots. Too bad some of them i can't  show due to privacy, cause it came out awesome! anyways, i don't want to forget to blog, even about the most random things in life. I miss that. just blogging about random small trips ;) i will. i'll keep it going cause i want this blog to be filled with awesome memories ;))
im going to show you some of the photoshoots I have done!! (and random pictures)
yay! yippy! hoooooray! toodles!
Cali & Gabe
The perfect natural children models ;)

The other day I took pictures of this beautiful lady! I am so glad I had the opportunity to do it! I follow her on instagram and I remember her from high school but never talked to her. I really dig her outfits and secretly wished to one day photograph her, so I was 'brave' enough to ask her if she would be interested in something like that, and she said yes! hehe I was so excited, and even more excited to when I finally met her. She is so sweet and cute!! I had such an awesome time taking her pictures and I hope there's more pictures to come! If you would like to view her on instagram you can find her @athousandchapters or you can follow her blog here at www.athousandchapt3rs.blogspot.com

Bryan & Colleen
Had such a great time with these two!! such fun and down to earth people that are down to do anything for a good picture! I cannot wait for their wedding later this year at Big Bear ! It shall be awesome!

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