May 30, 2014

More shoots!!
If I could do shoots every day forever I would be so happy!! I love shooting people and I love shooting places, animals, babies, nature you name it, I love doing it! I hope to one day be a full time photographer! That is my dream, and lately with following National Geographic on Instagram I think it would be so unreal and amazing to be a photographer for them! traveling the world, seeing different places and faces. I need to get more serious about my photography. I am really so passionate about it, down to the editing. I am always so excited to get home and edit the pictures I take.
Anyways, on Monday I shot ALYSSA! I've known Alyssa since she was born ! And I can't believe how she has grown to be a beautiful young lady! She is so cute and sweet and these pictures were for her sweet 15 later in July! I hope you enjoy her pictures as much as I did taking them!!

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