June 18, 2014

Tavannes, Switzerland
Today was our first official day here in Tavannes even though we woke up super late like at 5pm over here, jet lag is no joke! I'm still super tired but I'm sure ill feel better tomorrow! We didn't really get to enjoy much of the day because we chilled for a little then I organized by stuff and took a really nice shower with an amazing view!! Out here it doesn't get dark until like 10:30 pm but it is so awesome! It only throws me off a little. Anyways we really didn't do much just took a nice drive to the nearby villages just like 20 minutes north, then drove back into the village and drove up by the forrest were we encountered such a beautiful and serene sight with many cows, I wish everyone I know could experience this! All you heard was wind and cow bells. It is probably one of the most beautiful scenes I have ever encountered! Tomorrow we'll hopefully do more by taking a nice walk/hike and driving down to Biel to buy Frenchie some boxers, yes boxers, he doesn't have any. Then we'll go to the lake there. Cannot wait. Didn't take many pictures today but here are a few..

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