July 30, 2014

for the best?
As much as I hate to think that we are over, I know we are. Him being away from me, 5,800 miles to be exact, doesn't make things better. Even though at the airport he said he would be back 3 months top, those are just words, nothing but. Words that are just starting to fade as he starts his new life. His new life that doesn't have anything to do with us. He has slowly started to ignore me. Yes,  I feel very much ignored. He has started messaging his old friends (that are girls) and telling them how much he loves them, yes, you heard that right, he may say its just a friendly gesture, but knowing me he should  have known better. How long will this go on for? How long will I wait? Will I be like the loca from el Muelle de San Blas?, as M├ína says? I'm just so hurt. So damn fucking heartbroken.
I miss him so fucking much it hurts my heart just thinking about him. Every day I look at my phone I swear at least 200 times to see if I possibly have a message. This long distance thing really really fucking sucks. Sorry for my language. I'm just an angry mess.

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