July 4, 2014

June 28th 2014
This day was by far one of the best ! I guess I'm a fan of being around a fun ambience.. We started off at Berne, which was our first time there, and we met up with Frenchies mom (who works there) this city was probably my favorite!! I love the old school buildings and the streets too!! There was a lot of people and everything was just so beautiful. As we were walking down just hanging out we stopped for a glass of wine and a beer, we then headed down to see the bears and river. I really loved this city so much, after that we went back to meet up with frenchies mom and her student (frenchies mom is a french teacher, who teaches private lessons). We met up with Bianka and she was really cool, knows about four languages I believe, and we spoke a little Spanish. After that Claire (frenchies mom) suggested that we should go to the festival that was going on in Bienne! Knowing me I'm all for it! I love doing fun things, we got there pretty early around 5 and walked around, got on the ferris wheel, drank and drank and drank. lol! we then met up with Kony and Laurent (i really like them) and we just talked with them and I talked to some people that were from Ecuador ! I was pretty much interrogating them asking them why they were all the way in Switzerland, and they told me that it was because of work. Crazy the distances people go to to find work! After that I was feeling my drinks ! haha we did a lot of walking around! There were so many people there!! There really was! We went to a rock show and I felt totally out of place! ha!! EVERYONE was wearing black and was wearing a super girly floral dress! haha! We did some more walking around and then ate some yummy shrimp curry! ahhh it was delicious! I really loved the atmosphere and the people there! It was really fun and I'm glad we went on friday cause on saturday and sunday it rained! 
Here's some pictures and a video! enjoy!!! 
ps... don't miss the video I composed down below!

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