August 5, 2014


So the other day while watching YouTube videos, cause that's like my tv. I saw something cool, that I've seen before. It's called Multiply Exposure. I was googling and researching to find out if that is something that could be done in photoshop, and it is, just not in lightroom 5, which is what I have. I was somewhat bummed. Then I crossed paths with this video which was very helpful and what I saw was really cool! This girls camera does the double exposure IN her camera! Kinda like in the old days, like she said, which I think is better than photoshop! So anyways, what I found out later was that MY camera has it ! OMG you shoulda seen my face when I discovered this feature in my camera!!! I looked so dorky!! haha. The whole point is that I ended up coming out with some pretty cool pictures! I was zoo crazy happy about them! check them out down below! and also if you'd like to look at more of my work you can here on my FACEBOOK or here on my WEBSITE.
merci beaucoup !

hope you enjoyed these!! 
the first one is my favorite!!!

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