August 27, 2014

Shoot + Greet

Yesterday was a fun day, my fashion blogger friend Micky invited me to a shoot + greet event that was going on in Surfside beach. It was so much fun! There was a lot of people there everyone was shooting each other or just shooting the beach! I was really cool to see how other photographers work. 

At one point my friend Micky got bombarded with about 8 photographers as they all took pictures of her, she's a very catchy gal. You can view her blog here. It was a very cool experience! Now I want to go to more of them! I got some good shots too. After that we went to eat tacos at a taco shop with my Oly, Micky her boyfriend and her boyfriends friend and girlfriend. After a few margaritas(3)lol I thought the night was over but it definitely wasn't! We headed to HB where we went to a few bars, and ended up at a karaoke bar where guess what? I SANG!!!!! TWICE! The first song was ehh but the second one I felt more comfortable singing and of course it was 'your song' by Ellie Goulding, I got down and at the end everyone was cheering and giving me high fives cause they said I did really good!! Which I was so surprised cause I always thought I was horrible at singing! It was a really cool feeling though!! till next time, hope you all like the pictures!

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