September 19, 2014


Guadalajara is always a blast to go to especially because we have ALL of our family there, yes ALL, I only have one uncle that lives here in the USA. Anywho,  I was so excited to go! One because I hadn't gone in three years and two because my best friend was going with us!! woooooo!! 

Showing my best friend, Olympia, around was one of the funnest times I have had in Mexico so far! We got to do a lot of fun stuff and create a lot of memories that'll last us a lifetime! From tequila tasting, to roaming the big city, to Tlaquepaque or just hanging out with my family we had an amazing time! Not to mention the whole reason we went was because my cousin was getting married and was having her wedding there! So of course I was so excited about it and soo excited to attend it and dance all night!

The time came and went so rapidly but these memories I'll never forget. Guadalajara I love you.

ps.... don't forget to watch both small clips of my cousins weddings..all the way at the bottom! 8))

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