October 7, 2014


I am more than thankful and honored to have photographed the wedding of Colleen + Bryan, who have over time become friends! I have known this dear couple for about a year and a half now, they are such a sweet couple and perfect for each other!! Photographing my second wedding ever was super exciting! You really don't know what to expect once you're getting to the church/venue and that is just an exciting feeling. 

Once at the ceremony I was just in awe! The ceremony and reception took place in Big Bear Lake. It was seriously the perfect spot, right next to the lake with a view of the gorgeous mountains. It made me even want to live in Big Bear that's how gorgeous it was! The ceremony was gorgeous and like  always I got the biggest knot on my throat! and maybe shed a tear ;) I just love weddings, can't you tell? haha. Everything went smooth and I got a ton of beautiful shots for the dear couple! This was just a happy day, and just the beginning of many more weddings to shoot ! ;)

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