January 22, 2015


For about two months, November and December, I was really busy with shoots. Since it's the holidays people are getting ready to send out their christmas cards to family members, so it was a really busy time for me! I loved it! Although it does feel nice to have a little break hehe! I have once again started booking shoots and I am so happy, cause once I stop for too long I miss it a lot. It's like I get the urge to take photos. Sometimes I have to get it out me, I just have to shoot. 
In the past couple of days I have booked two more weddings!! Yay!! I am so happy and so excited for those days to come! I officially have four weddings for this year and hopefully more to come! I've limited weddings to two per month cause I don't want to overwhelm myself with work and be editing thousands of photos, which I will be doing anyways but you know, I don't want it to be stressful. I am so proud of myself for coming this far, so proud of myself for pushing forward and thankful to the people who pushed me and supported me. 
That being said, I can get really mushy if I want to, I have here some, and I mean it, only some of the photos I have taken. I got really lazy to try and get one of each session I have done lol. Enjoy! ;)

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