January 21, 2015

Leftover Studio Bag.

If you personally know me, you know that me and bags are like best friends. Any kind of bags, it doesn't matter (actually it does). I just love them. The smell, the look, the feel. So the other day while eyeing a bunch of really really good looking camera bags on instagram, most of them were the ONA bags, I decided it was time to get me a really nice leather bag, upgrade from my typical camera bag that I have. So I searched, searched and searched and searched. I wanted the perfect bag, sadly I couldn't possibly afford the ONA bags they run from 300-500!! Yeah, I know, Ridiculous! So I found this one website called Copper River bags, I fell in love but after reading some reviews I quickly got disappointed. So I searched again and came upon Leftover Studio on Etsy! I really loved the bags and the price wasn't so bad either $145 and its leather! The only downer was it would be coming all the way from India and shipping was an extra $30! So I thought darn! That's so far and an extra 30! hmmm. What if takes forever to ship? What if I don't like it? So like I always do I read the review and WOW was I blown away by all the positive responses! Everyone was saying how it was shipped super quick and how the bag was of great quality, so I said heck! I'm going to get it! I was so excited to receive it and after a short 5 days, yes FIVE days I got it!! It was actually was better than I was expecting, its sturdy, well built, light, big, fits all of my needs, smells good (even though on his website he says how the bag has a funny smell but I actually LOVE it). Overall I was very very pleased with this bag! So pleased I think about getting one of his other small bags later in the future! This bag is the perfect camera bag and it even fits my camera with a battery grip, all I had to do was take off one of the dividers and it fit!! I am so happy with this bag and can't wait for it to go on many adventures and weddings this year! yay!

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  1. Hi! You wouldn't happen to have the maker's email by chance? I was about to order one as a graduation present for myself, but the shop seems to have disappeared :'(