January 3, 2015

Welcome 2015

The year has fallen upon us so quickly as do all the other years. A new year full of chances, changes, new opportunities, new love and new beginnings. 
For some reason I feels as if this new year will be filled with a lot of changes and thats good because change is good. I'm excited, nervous (of moving on) and happy.
2014 was a year with new experiences, a lot of new experiences. Loosing the love of my life, traveling to Europe. Meeting new people. Heartbreaks. Just a lot took place in 2014 and sadly a lot of it was negative. 
I want to change that this year, be more positive, be more genuinely happy. This year I will go through with one of the meanings of a tattoo I have (its a secret). This year I won't be afraid to try new things. This year I won't question so much. And this year I will select more wisely the people I surround myself with.

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