February 3, 2015

Me, myself and I 

As the 7 months went by I seemed to not heal. I was hurt, I felt betrayed and most of all I was broken inside. Healing takes time. It's not easy but it does get better over time. And FINALLY I feel better, I don't feel as sad. I don't cry myself to sleep every night. Sure, deep deep down inside it still hurts but I can actually feel my heart somewhat healing and I'm so happy about it. Because that pain was holding me back a lot making me feel as if I needed/need a man in my life and that is not true. They are right when they say you need to love yourself first to be in love. Cause now I don't feel the need to 'look' for someone or 'talk' to someone, now I am just fine with being by myself. Cause either way, I did come into this world by myself. So now I'm focusing more than ever on spending a lot of time with my family cause they are the most important people in my life. Spending time with close and quality friends. And doing what I love to do, which is photography. My photography has taken an amazing turn, with more and more weddings getting booked I am forever grateful!

This is my time.  My time to do what I want to do, to travel where I want to travel and to be who I am.
I am excited for this year. Excited for me to fully heal and be the same Melisa once again. To be that person who is always happy.
Welcome back, Melisa.

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