March 27, 2015


Life lately has been so busy that I haven't had any time to blog! Which sometimes I get mad at myself for cause I love documenting things in my life..

So lets catch up since last time.. I've been very busy doing shoots! So much that I've been considering being a photographer full time! It's been going very well for me! I just finished my first wedding of the year and I'm so happy on how everything turned out!! It was a great day and so much fun cause I knew a lot of people there!

I have finally found a place to order photo books for customers and this is very exciting cause I've always been a fan of photo books/albums/scrapbooks anything in that sort of area so this is very exciting for me! I ordered my first few books and I'm completely in love !

There is possible love interests floating in the air! (picture a big-o smile here) !! I don't want to get to excited about it but I am pretty happy 8))

I am about to turn TWENTY-FIVE in about two weeks!! OMG I feel so old! But I KNOW this year will be nothing but amazing with new travels and experiences!

That's about all that has been going on! Other than that my family is in good health and my nephews get bigger and bigger every day! It makes me so sad I don't want them to grow up ;) 

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