April 27, 2015

on a more serious note..

In the past I've had my fair shares of heartbreaks. I had a pretty bad one last year and it took a while to get over, honestly. Although I should probably be a bit more careful with my heart I took a second to think and told myself 'life is too short not to love' it literally is if you really think about it. I just turned 25. 25. before you know it ill be older and older. And love is something you shouldn't deny cause why the heck would you! Love is honestly all you really need and I've always been such a strong believer of that. So I thought heck! I'm going to let my heart free, I'm going to let it run wild, let it feel, let it breathe, let it love, let it be genuine and faithful. No restrictions, no what if's or buts just let it be. and what made me think like that? a guy. a guy who I feel such connections with and who makes me feel like I've never felt before. Say his name and I'll just smile big. My mom and friends say they just see it in my eyes. When he looks at me ..........gosh when he looks at me. I feel like the most idiotic 25 year old ever that feels like a little girl again. It's those kind of feelings that got me thinking to loosen up.. stop questioning.. stop thinking and just start living.. not to expect anything but to live in the moment. Thats how this guy makes me feel.

I'm sprung ain't I ? ;)

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